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LeRoy Mc!

the one and the only original 'Teenage Millionaire', I was a boy scout Eagle dog it was a piece of cake, you run around swearing everybody is so cool, taking their advice as serious figuratively and get the brown card checked, in school better act like dad, military perfect attendance straight A's and B's straight twice I think, once maybe okay, so what big deal, til time to run with his own kind then the hippie age came to light use who why not Elvis you all are the word you know hick, compatriots, lot of fun til chic be chic Romeo and Juliet could of be 'ciples' to learn the lesson the nerd that if you believe in Reincarnation that slipped them the joy-ride mix was no different, hay why not finger him for how he stepped into the shoes he wears, huh? Oh, yeah, good idea, blame him for bumping off Socrates so all this could get started, opposition,,,

  Might I add being a firm follower of Mickey Mouse into the house where you can if you be careful call him Mighty Mouse and still make plays on his ole lady Ms. Minnie Mouse. Duh, so let me, being also an accurate Gemini along with Bob Dylan and deceased George Harrison who tromped in the paths of King Author like the Pied Piper and one local outlaw Robin Hood. It maybe dangerous to mention to the good man on the cross your sign as the place is all too confusing. Either left or right being merciful a time to try to rescue not set 'standards' of apology. Must of hurt. So Father Camping keep up too the end that like all an! d any good folk it was right to announce and believe that May 21, 2011 in the eyes of good folk it was safe to say once again that the world would end. I know mine briefly did one night for 6 hours of blackout time as I had for the first time got my butt royally kicked and woke up a permanent dead man, like what else can i think, (had gone down for 6 hours hit several times in the face kicked in the ribs a few.) So somehow if one takes into consideration how crappy life is can think, yes it did. So during the last weeks comes up like a good anecdote that for normal carnal everybody it would also like simulcast be announced to end for the wicked on Halloween the same yes this year it is still 2011, like how should I know right. But being such a cruel evening stolen candy at least attempted by the one who sent the !@%$#% on me a whole bar load. Like Robins marry men get me drunk and screw me crazy and toss me bod in the river to die but know I sky only to meet the lag patrol! and get killed. Shame on the neighborhood that grew me up like Robin Hood the drug dealer. Well Halloween is a mobile day is it not so don't be skeptical on into saying in your mind that this place is cool so I can get it all right to myself when true 31 yes October 31st. Or maybe what a lucky night for evil as it is a rhythm of coincidence have not checked myself. For as too safely do the evil things one enjoys. How about like this place is not safe I am skying too so as to finally look right in the eyes of the Lord and say I wouldn't of meant it. Dead as you is why not come on back for the first time and get reacquainted with them that did you in. So to put it all in a peanut not an oyster as I would let JAW's munch me up if it were my old lady me married {PAC MAN} to jolly ole wino Ms. Peanut. That word of mouth follow for all the new believers that for the first time hear of such strange thing as the world coming to it's end among such! endless clouds of white pollution. Long live rà¦fïé ¦èvéñ™ teenage millionaire isn't true Hercules asked where might Sinbad party so as they could end his life outside the bar or tavern once in the evening? Well befuddled due to one mind allowing good to dominate did not have an answer... Well again, therefor plagued by go-go needing total sexual gratification yielding not as aspiring ones Belt was lifted by the exiting go-go. Thus reducing him to a new named folk and wise for {a being} so old Atlas. Whereas he was led like by the same temptations as Homer to the south pole where he was like the unwanted child of Hell handcuffed to a fire hydrant in the same fashion of neglect. Proven by the Latin fascination of the place. So as to become the diviner of maps through concentrated effort. One may think who is Randy road Atlas among all the Detroit rhetoric My Lane it's Alkaline or hurt and Kill-a- brew. Til once in human fascination was heard to of normally escaped living still today in the sweet lyric hay! So, ...I! like you still... like stillborn? Introducing via real [BIG SHOW] THOR whose Hammer was wielded from the same want a ' fire hydrant' the totality of the Magnetic South Pole.


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  It reminds me of getting off the beaten path like say to backslide.  A good example would be an example with scruples involved like to drink this kind of beer Molson and maybe Lablatt has a characteristic in common an aroma similarity.  So lets decipher both words have you been a {Mole Son} today or Lab like in a laboratory and latitude for using the attitude extreme up. Lab latitudes. So what did the beer have some maybe think dirty additive to make them smell like a skunk remember Pepi Le Pew 

is a hero in Canada.  And skunks off often. You know what other beer smells like it has something added to it was Schlitz Malt Liquor it was like it had a bottle of cough syrup poured in maybe quart bottle. Stuck to Colt 45 too, but that is the size pistol measurement of police revolvers right too now isn't it.  You know it is so nice to get a big quart can of that and also Fosters Lager from Australia get it real cold and stick a straw down into the can and quickly drink it gone.  Maybe you have not heard of the beers or would care not to0 try the experiment. Ok, no problem.  Someone would most likely insist you had just with the "Fosters" poisoned yourself with the Manatee from down the New Zealand way.  So anyway for pot Skunk was a good lesson for it skunk pot was good or is good you look for it behind peoples homes at the trash can area where the possums play in moonlight. So in spite of trying to get caught with a trashcan full of Brucine base (21 26 or 7 N0(four)) would you think that you wished to make the pot lose down one Hydrogen atom to the Bruce hold to it's in tune to alphacaine [19 26 N0(four) also]. A big enough spread.  Or keep it up to how it gets two more Hydrogen atoms added to it as if God got involved and granted a graft from the molecule of water be put in line with all the other Hydrogen atoms making it not only 29 and 30 but attached safely to the 28 a good atom. For some reason the 27th is considered a bad atom seeing it as a Bruce Line the astral and maybe it is since 26 is ten short to the 72 of photosynthesis's and 27 would ring a bingo bell. Which is by the way done with a water gain. So how come pot has an O(two) ending... one excuse is to say it has the one riding alone in a blown water molecule representing the amoeba in it so why does Mexican water have an amoeba problem?  I don't know. And the other like just now a water ride say from God Au - Thor the Other and the Author.  Or naturally suggest is it a Carbon hold from the eleventh ride between position. Speaking CO(two) and one being good say an inhalation and the latter {the BAD} molecule position 27 exhalation. RIGHT!
Here we got Jack's stolen cow maybe it can help.  One day at the fence.  Your one and only steps up the greet the cow and the cow says like Jesus here take this cud it is like a joint of Spinach what Popeye eats you smoke it will bless on you.  So being like to you Mother Superior I must insist bring you out of that pot patch and when you get:  you run;  like and never come back, alright. Says thirty three and thirty four make me butter up for the ole mean farmer. (Farmer Brown) you all know of him.  Isn't it no wonder this cow made it big in the Hash industry freeing pot from its tie to vomit a barrel of Bruce.  A kind and simple prayer over grass is MOO MOO MOO the {m} is big in chemistry to respect the middle because the capital always N itrogen is next in line.  It makes 27 baptized.  So here is the a picture of Ultraman Philippines 
 the video 


 by jean yves blondeau6 months 4 weeks ago

Rollerman, is me! Jean Yves Blondeau. The suit is a BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit made in 2007. This suit have been lost 4 years! I have recover it a few month ago in south korea.
I have been working on its restauration.
This are test in downhill. Test the suit, and test the road. Because the road is 6 month old. It is even not on GPS yet. since this video i have decided to upgrade the suit.
When it will be finish i will try it again!
 video with copyright ®
 BUGGY ROLLIN is a trade mark of me
 and the suit is my patent.

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